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Seeds protection

Seeds protection

AGROSTART, seed protection

More than a treatment, an innovative technology

Seed treatment guarantees the health of young plants by limiting damage caused by pests and mushroom impacts during the plant's emergence. They protect efficiently the potential results with few chemical products, applied only when necessary! MAS Seeds is committed in developing these economic and effective technologies to offer a large range of treatments adapted to the seeds to answer the producers different needs. 

The research seed production pole developed a seed treatment that stimulates plant growth  and is respectful of the environment.



Improve absorption of available nutrients and ryzhogenesis


Protects against soil mushroom and damping-off disease


Protects against pestful insects



Starting vigor

Increase the number of germinated plants, their homogeneity and vigor

Root surface

Increases the root effective surface


Increase yielding from 1-3% depending on growth conditions


Environment respect

Only surfaces that need protection are treated. Dust pollution is reduced. This allows a better treatment consistency and appliance in smaller quantities

Optimal quality

An upgraded application quality to garanty optimal seed coverage, seeder grain fluidity and an efficient sustainable treatment. 


What our experts say ?

Our product development :

• It improves absorption of available nutrients

• It increase the root effective exchange surface

• It increase yield 1 to 3% of depending on growing conditions

Our seed production researchers :

• We have added a bio stimulant to the formula which is coming biomimetic humic substances family (BHS) that improves mineral nutrition

• Fongicides and insecticides which we used are knewn for their poven efficiency 

• we have mixed a high-end formula allowing a perfect synergy of all compenents