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MAS Seeds new subsidiary in Ivory Coast


Press Release: New Subsidiary Opening in Ivory Coast

MAS Seeds continues its international development with the creation of a subsidiary in Ivory Coast to offer a complete range of yellow and white tropical corn, directly and through his local partners in Western Africa.

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MAS Seeds to acquire FGI’s tropical corn breeding program

MAS Seeds and FGI announced today they have entered into an agreement for FGI's tropical corn breeding program.

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Happy innovation day 🔬
All around and beyond genetics and agronomy, new practices and solutions are being and remai… https://t.co/WNfsM4TvPb

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Because we were so pleased to change the year last time, we decided to start again to thank our Chinese team. 🎉🇨🇳… https://t.co/a8D807xw6W

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Today we celebrate the International Day of Women in Science. 👩‍🔬 👩‍🌾

We want to shine a light on the Women who gi… https://t.co/9oy8tmw8pt

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People are at the heart of the MAS Seeds project. ✊
And the people factor is part of a sustainable logic.♻️

That's… https://t.co/zN7JSCyqgN

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One of our key figures : 13 subsidiaries, and sales in more than 50 countries. We actively participate to the inter… https://t.co/2eF8VbvQwW

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