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MAS Seeds new subsidiary in Ivory Coast


Press Release: New Subsidiary Opening in Ivory Coast

MAS Seeds continues its international development with the creation of a subsidiary in Ivory Coast to offer a complete range of yellow and white tropical corn, directly and through his local partners in Western Africa.

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MAS Seeds to acquire FGI’s tropical corn breeding program

MAS Seeds and FGI announced today they have entered into an agreement for FGI's tropical corn breeding program.

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MAS Seeds lancement de marque


MAÏSADOUR Semences became MAS Seeds

MAÏSADOUR Semences became MAS Seeds

As of April 10th, MAÏSADOUR Semences became MAS Seeds to show its innovative and international ambitions

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Supplying farmers in West Africa with maize seeds cultivated for tropical climates is how we champion self-sufficie… https://t.co/hHhvWkzrm3

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#MASSeeds is dedicated to giving #farmers the chance to create their own opportunities. 🌱 The only change farmers h… https://t.co/XUU7nwKKrx

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Protect your crop against unforeseen environmental stress while minimising the need for chemicals in your crops. We… https://t.co/OcN9GhVHxO

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🌱 When it comes to creating a climate-neutral earth by 2050, farmers and agriculturalists must lead the charge.… https://t.co/wwrmoVsvAx

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Soil is the foundation of life for every living organism on the planet. Read how we're positively safeguarding soi… https://t.co/5qv7wjvgAV

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