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Corn Agriculture Africa

Growing hand in hand with the African seed industry

By i.re@maisadour.com - On 17.08.2021

At Mont-de-Marsan, France / Ivory Coast (West Africa)

Tuesday, 17 August 2021,

Mas seeds pursues its engagement in the Seed Trade development with Africa. Because together we act for a different agriculture. 

Today, the subsidiary of the French cooperative Maïsadour is proud to join the African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA), as a new active member. 

seed business africa

For the last 15 years, MAS Seeds company has made every possible effort to bring adapted tropical corn seeds to Sub-Saharan African farmers. 


certificat annoucement success

L'AFSTA, well-known for its promotion of the delivery of certified agricultural technologies for African small-holders, is in harmony with MAS Seeds purposes which provides safe seeds to farmers and shares with them its know-how of the seed industry.

Thus, this certificate acknowledges, in a way, MAS Seeds as an African seed company. 


To know more about AFSTA activities, click here.

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