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  • Grain
  • Mixte

  • Grain
  • Silage

Adapted for West African soils

  • FOR ALL OF YOUR SOILS Made for early planting, MASTROP103 is a corn hybrid adapted to all situations and soil types of West Africa.
  • STABLE AND STEADY With MASTROP103, get high returns for improving your performances.
  • A VERY NICE GRAIN Elongated cob, smooth and orangey,good nutritional value for food and industrial use (poultry, farming, brewery) of quality. MASTROP103 will satisfy all requirements of the sector.


  • Use Grain Mixte


  • Plant height High
  • Type of grain Flint
  • No. of rows 14-16
  • No. of grains per row 38-40
  • TKW330-360 g
Sum of temperature (based at 6°)


  • Stay green 8
  • Dry down 8
  • Lodging 7
1-3 sensitive | 4-6 medium-good | 7-9 tolerant - excellent

Disease tolerance

  • Helminthosporium 7
  • Fusarium (plant) 7
1-3 sensitive | 4-6 medium-good | 7-9 tolerant - excellent

Growing recommendations

Optimal conditions Limited conditions
Density - grain use (Pl/ha) 70 55

MASTROP103 is adapted to any cropping area with at least 850 mm of rainfall during the crop cycle.