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R&D côte d'ivoire

The MAS Seeds® genetic: a proven effectiveness on the West African R&D network

By e.prugent-lere@maisadour.com - On 29.09.2023

MAS Seeds  ® has been conducting research and development (R&D) trials for several years in West Africa. The effectiveness and performance of our MASTROP maize seeds is proven locally with farmers.

At MAS Seeds® Côte d’Ivoire, we believe the interest of carrying out local tests in our various sales territories to:

  • Disseminate technical progress and our products by example
  • Understand the impact of diseases and insects/pests on different agricultural areas and guide our varietal selection
  • Perceive the impact of climate change on the territories and ensure the adaptability of our varieties to these changes


champs côte d'ivoire

An R&D station for West Africa : Our research station located in Côte d’Ivoire allows a wide evaluation of MAS Seeds ® varieties by a dedicated team throughout the year. The irrigation network of our site and the technical management put in place ensure the proper development of our crops. Many hybrids are tested every year on our R&D network. The aim of these trials is to determine the varieties that will meet the needs of agriculture in the future, while adapting to the new constraints linked to climate change.


The demo network: consolidating local product knowledge with traditional means : Since 2020, we have also been setting up demonstration trials (demos) on plots of volunteer farmers in different regions. These trials make it possible to evaluate and show the performance of hybrids in real growing conditions and with traditional means. Each farmer is responsible for the conduct of his crop, accompanied by a member of the MAS Seeds ® team for the implementation, training in the technical itinerary and follow-up of the demos. New plots are set up each year

R&D afrique


Development ambitions for West Africa : MAS Seeds ® continues its deployment with the ambition to market MASTROP and MASCOL seeds in all West African countries. We will continue to prove the effectiveness of our products at the local level and disseminate innovation for the competitive development of African agriculture.


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