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MAS Seeds new subsidiary in Ivory Coast

Press Release: New Subsidiary Opening in Ivory Coast

By Burcin Dilci - On 07.02.2020

MAS Seeds continues its international development with the creation of a subsidiary in Ivory Coast to offer a complete range of yellow and white tropical corn, directly and through his local partners in Western Africa.


Haut Mauco, February 6, 2020. MAS Seeds, a subsidiary of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group, announces the opening of a new subsidiary near the Ivorian capital. The subsidiray includes an R&D center and a commercial unit responsible for testing and developing a tropical corn portfolio adapted to the climatic and agricultural specificities of the territory. It is the 14th MAS Seeds subsidiary and the 2nd one outside Europe after Mexico.


Improve agricultural practices and increase agricultural production in a sustainable way

At the heart of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Ivory Coast is a strategic territory with high agricultural and food challenges. Located in the south of the country, in Ahouati, MAS Seeds wishes to provide farmers with innovative solutions and help them to develop their crops and their land in a sustainable way. "Corn is, after rice, the most widely grown cereal in Ivory Coast," said Jacques Groison, CEO of MAS Seeds. "About 600,000 tonnes are produced every year by small family farms for mainly own consumption," explains the CEO. "Our ambition is to help farmers improve their crop yield, which will not only be used to feed the family but will also provide additional income."

From research to the creation of specific sectors

Beyond research and hybrid breeding, MAS Seeds wishes to encourage distributors to create real production chains and organize them by contract. "Our cooperative know-how will allow us to provide our customers with productive and beneficial organizational models" explains Denis Villenave, Head of New Markets Business Development and Licensing. MAS Seeds is thus continuing its investments in the creation of hybrid seeds of non-GMO tropical corn after the recent acquisition of a research program in Mexico. This genetic background, in addition to the promotion of best agronomic practices, makes it possible to adapt to the different agro-climatic situations of a rapidly growing market.

International at the heart of MAS Seeds development strategy

Present in 50 countries, relying on 14 subsidiaries where 50% of its workforce work outside France and 85% of the turnover is made internationally MAS Seeds has always been part of a global market. "As a seed company, we need to exist on a European scale and beyond," said Jacques Groison. This presence throughout Europe today, in Asia, in the Americas and now in Africa should enable the company, which invests 15% of its turnover in R&D each year, to conquer new markets and advance its innovations. MAS Seeds aims to triple its turnover by 2026 to reach 500 million euros.

Visit MAS Seeds Africa website to see the entire tropical corn portfolio: africa.masseeds.com


About MAS Seeds

MAS Seeds is the subsidiary of MAÏSADOUR Group in the South-West France and one of the leading hybrid seed companies in Europe. The company changed the commercial brand and name into MAS Seeds beginning of 2018. With 70-year experience in seed business, today, MAS Seeds is structured around three professions: hybrid breeding (maize, sunflower and oilseed rape), seed production and commercialization. As one of Europe’s leading hybrid seed producer, the company holds 25,000 ha production capacity representing 2.5 million bags of seeds (corn, sunflower, winter oilseed rape, alfalfa, sorghum, cereals and fodder) whereas two thirds of its production is made in the South-West France. MAS Seeds has 14 subsidiaries and makes 85% of its turnover outside France in 50 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas.  In fiscal year 2018/19, around 700 full time employees working in 23 countries has generated around 140 million € turnover, of which 15% was invested in research and development.

Web site: www.masseeds.com

Directors: Jean-Luc Capes (Chairman) and Jacques Groison (CEO).

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